black and white photo

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In a sterile, language dictionary, a photo can be defined as “the process of recording images, and words to that effect. I actually do not look for the definition, but you get the idea. In any case, strict definitions do not exist, when you talk about art.

What is the chief medium, color or black and white film or digital are subjective questions, no definative answers. What works in one situation may not be terrible in another. Sporting events are one example of a situation where the color of the Chief. Landscapes and portrature can go in any case. Black-and-white landscape, you can save images from overburdened by excessive color. Everything boils down to the implementation and execution.

Why is Black and White?

Large novel in any way express my profound ideas, ways that go beyond a simple statement of fact. One need only think of Upton Sinclair in “jungle”, or Harriet Beecher Stowe in “Uncle Tom Hut.” Just as the great ideas are sometimes the most strongly expressed through fiction, the best black-and-white photographs show a more profound truth, madonna pictures for example. Black and white allows the photographer as an artist to identify the world invisible to the naked eye. In black and white, abstract forms, the contrast and recurring patterns have a psychological impact, and dignity is often unrealized in color. When the beauty of the general office of the item comes through photos, photography becomes art.

Photography began as a black and white, or, more specifically monochrome. Not all the early images were indeed black and white. Many brownish tinge (sepia), and others are even hints of blue when the cyanotype process was employed.

If a relatively young art form, you can talk about the “classical” period, it would probably be a time when monochrome was the only option. Fist art photographs is considered to be all black and white. I suspect this may allow the psychological expectations of what a classic picture will look like this. Achieving timeless look much more to do with why many of the masters of photography continue to work in this environment. From a purely technical point of view, black and white just longer. Even the best color prints degrade over time.

Due to, I can not explain some things just look better in black and white. My personal rule, while preserving photos ……” If in doubt, throw it. ” One last thing I do before deleting images, is the transformation of his black and white. Most of them still get thrown out, but often enough to keep me doing this, I am appalled by the fact that I see in black and white. Ho-hum color image suddenly has indefinable, what makes it a keeper. I thought long and hard, like, why this should be so. I do not have any answers.

I should note that most of my work in color. I love flowers, and it probably always will be my main tool. There are times, however, when black and white stands out. If you ever tried to do serious landscape photography, you know, one of the most important issues of the sky becomes law. The best song in the world will not compensate the white sky, that the reason that many of my photos have hit the circular file. Set against the sky exposure meter can go a long way to prevent this problem, but this method is not clear. On the overcast day, measuring against the sky, you can bring in other features too dark.

This is less problems with digital photography, especially when shooting in the RAW, but it could be a serious problem with the film. Black and White offers a solution to this problem. If your digital camera can capture in black and white, all means use it. Shooting in black and white mode, how to add depth and quality of lacking the color when you remove from your computer. Even worse time for the installation of the counter against the sky in the summer afternoon, as the time of the wavelength of light, are the most limited. Every photographer knows, opened the best of times hours after sunrise and before sunset. Unfortunately, we do not always enjoy the luxury of hanging around until the conditions are perfect.

The next time you’re faced with this situation, try black and white with a red filter. Ansel Adams used this method, and if Ansel did it, it should be good enough for everyone. The red filter turns out that the whitish noon in the sky is dark, lovely gray black and white. Dark red filter, the dark sky. In black and white, the sky looks as if he was deeply in dark blue, and there will be no wiser. Some large, puffy cumulus clouds will make it even better. If you have an opportunity to look at a collection of Ansel Adams photos, pay attention to how he often used clouds to great effect.


share digital photo album

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The photographs are so much more pleasant when they are shared with friends and family. Want to share photos of your children, accomplishments, special events you have organized, and other great moment in your life, when you son learning guitar for the first time, or when a drummer doing his action fo example. There are many ways you can share the contents of your digital album, by using your laptop or netbook. Consider all your options and choose the one which is tailored to your needs, or that the best show the photos you included.

Sharing Opportunities No. 1: password protected, invitation-only

If the photos you’ve loaded into your album may be of a sensitive nature, or if you want to protect your family not to identify their photos randomly floating around the Internet, you May want to share your digital photo album invitation only, or use a password to protect access to the album.

Sharing Opportunities No. 2: Emailing Links

If you want to send your own links to your digital album, you should immediately that people who receive these links in May and to share it with others. If it would be good of your photos to be seen by more viewers, links to emailing your digital photo album can be a great way to spread the word that there are new pictures to see.

Sharing Opportunities No. 3: Posted a blog or website

If you have your own blog or website, or participate in a user to other blogs or websites, you can view photos that are linked to your album. Instead of transferring photos to your blog or website, you can take advantage of these platforms from your album. May that allow others to access them directly, however, to ensure that if you have pictures link back, you’re ready for anyone in cyberspace to view your entire album.

Sharing Opportunities No. 4: Print your photos

An excellent choice that many sites offer the ability to select albums of photos to print. Instead of printing with a laptop and a printer and then sending photos to loved ones in the world, you can only let them choose the photographs that are interested in buying and they can buy themselves. Prices for printing and mailing photos from albums is comparable to prices offered by retailers, and twice more convenient because people can order photos from the comfort of their homes.

Sharing Opportunities No. 5: Gifts & Gadgets

And more visitors to your album can choose to buy prints, they can also choose to have a variety of gifts and gadgets printed with their favorite photos, including mugs, calendars, cards and more. By creating a digital photo album and allow your family to view your photos, you have to open a new world of opportunities for photo printing them.

photographing people

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If you want to be a great ‘people’, a photographer, you may think you need to know a lot of different poses, or know how to talk with his subjects as a fashion photographer or how to deal with a rock star. But really it is more about yourself. Photographing people, specially top artist like Madonna, can be most rewarding and most difficult subject to photograph. The photographers in magazines can seem so simple. Is it really hard? I think so, I was pretty scared of him. I struggled with, I see their whole body or only their faces, what to do with his hands, which they carry? Yikes, just a few things to think about all this is when you are struggling to think about exposure and lighting.

I guess where I had my break-through was when I realized that just as I was intimidated. I learned that there is no scarier than your photo taken. As soon as I learned this, I started paying more attention to my photo subject, but my nervousness, giving me more time to figure out how to post them, and how many of them I wanted to see in the picture.

If you want pictures of successful people you need to pay attention to people and must have the confidence to photograph them. You have to believe in yourself as a photographer, and you need to respect the person you are shooting. I remember how nervous you are and start making them feel comfortable.

make money by taking pictures

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You are currently strapped for cash? Wish you had another source of income? Well, if you have a digital camera in hand, then your problems are solved! All you need to do is learn how to make money taking pictures.

Learning how to make money shooting is very simple. You must not become one of the paparazzi tha always bother artist like bon jovi, rock star legend aerosmith or sting in order to obtain payment for the photos. If you are interested to make some extra money, read on!

1) Amend stock photo sites.

These days, a very simple way to make money taking pictures to send photos to a stock photo sites.

Millions of people all around the Internet for browsing photos. Students advertisers, they are all willing to pay good money for simple image!

Shutterstock is one of those sites, which are currently taking stock frames. If you have time on your hands, go to the site right now!

Other stock photo sites include:

2) Sales of used cars.

Not directly, anyway. Another method of how to make money is by taking a provision of its services on the used car dealers. You can take pictures of their cars and load them on Ebay to increase business reach.

A lot of people who click on Ebay looking for new and used items. This is a win-win situation for both sides.

3) Join Photo Contest.

Beauty is in the eyes of beholder. And who knows, your photo just might be the best in accordance with the judges!

There are many photos competitions are held, both local and international. All you need to do is keep your eyes peeled for posters and advertisements in newspapers, magazines and websites.

Now that you know how to make money taking pictures, you can say that you do not have to worry about finding another part-time work as soon as possible. In the end, you now earn money doing what you really wanted. How many people can honestly say that?

picture editing software

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There åre many free software for editing photos available. Many of them åre suitable for most editing needs, and some even have more tools.

So that some of the things to see, when you choose a photo editing program with your personal laptop? Here åre some features that I consider important.

Let us suppose that most software today offers basic photo editing tools, such as saturation, sharpness, brightness, contrast, Tint, crop and remove red eye. In addition to these more advanced features, and if you’re going to use them.

For example, there åre the so-called curves. This is a more advanced editing, which allows you to control the lightness, highlights and so on in the same tool for editing. If you think this will be beneficial for you, then that would be something to look at software for photo editing. Nevertheless, there is no sense Thursday seek a tool such as this, if you know this is not for you.

One feature that I find very useful is the ability to look at the original photo and the one you åre editing (duplicate) on the same screen. This saves you the time of re-opening of the original if you like the changes you made. Looking at the images together allows us to see if you have too much saturated, if the harvest is acceptable if it became too light or dark, etc.

Types of grinding

There åre many different methods of sharp ning photo software. Most free software offers a simple sharp ning. For example, in Picasa 3 provides the control with which you can increase or decrease the amount of sharpness. If you use Irfan View, you must click on the image sharpness, and then click again Thursday Sharpen it. If you feel the need for more sophisticated methods, you can pay for more advanced photo software.

So, where these tools?

I always find that it is important for the video to be user-friendly. I do not know about you, but I hate to look for means I want to use. As for me, I love when they åre easy to find, not hidden from. Of course, if you use the software and specific tools Regularly, you get used to it.

Easy But the production of images

You should have options for the size and physical size and the size of the image file, and it should be easy to do so. Adjusting the physical size will change as you can see the image on the screen (or in print), changing the file size will make less, resulting in faster download. It also would then take up less space on your computer. I like to have choices and be able to see that the size of the image looks like a file with different sizes.

Can you view and search for photos is easy?

Some programs also editing a large image viewers. For example, you could change the size of thumbnails. There is the option to view your photo layouts? With some you can not change in the party (such as re-Sizing or changing file extensions), or even Synchronize with the web albums.

Do you have all this for free?

Probably not. Nevertheless, the goal is to find a free software for editing photos, which will do what is most important to you. Maybe batch editing is not something you will use. Or you do not mind opening the image in comparison with the wording, if it’s easy to do so.

It is not difficult to download and try out some of them. See which you like to work with the best. In the end, they åre free.

digital camera storage devices

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Professional and amateur photographers often challenged by some individual restrictions in Out “in the field.” For example, in the expanded photographic trip or vacation active photographer can quickly fill your memory card into the camera (s). Faced with the possible exception of some potentially good shots in order to compress into a few pictures, most people opt for the purchase of a portable storage.

What kind of equipment provides portable digital photo storage? Today, there are many options for effective, safe and convenient storage of the many photos. While these devices have evolved rapidly over the past few years, the majority still require a memory card or direct cable connection to the camera, to ensure the best results.

Everyone is interested in the world of computers and photos will immediately recognize the names of the most preferred manufacturer of portable digital photo storage devices such as Apple, SanDisk, Epson and SmartDisk among many others.

Changes in the equipment available in general is related memory, viewing screens and the media. For example, the latest generation of Apple Ipod Media Player can provide up to 60GB to store, play MP3 files and other file formats through the iTunes website. This device, however, requires additional purchase of the camera connector to make a successful transfer.

The newest Epson Multimedia Storage Viewer simply asked the photographer to add that the various memory card they use, and copy or transfer files, and it contains a while on the go. This device also shows or plays alternative media files, and can show images taken in JPEG and RAW formats. It also has a huge amount of memory currently 40GB and does not require the purchase of additional equipment to work as a digital photo storage device.

For those who are looking for more memory and a huge screen that can act as an ideal viewing video or slideshow, SmartDisk Media Device packages colossal 80GB of memory, can take a memory card or a direct channel of the cells through the adapter is included, offers a large 3 , 5 “flip-up screen and plays or displays and many other media files.

Obviously, a photographer and a traveler could easily take all the photos that they could possibly want, and in some cases, a universal format for RAW, and quickly save them in one of these small, slim and easy to carry device. All modern digital photo storage devices to rapidly transmit the contents of most notebook or desktop computers for editing and printing.

what to do with your new digital camera

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The first thing to do after a new digital camera is the manual to read. It is also recommended that you visit your manufacturer’s website-camera, which usually has an extensive manual with tips and tricks that you in your digital photography.

Before you begin, the digital photos that you ensure that all the accessories to work with your digital camera.

Batteries – Some cameras are equipped with built-in lithium-ion batteries. For cameras that do better with rechargeable batteries. Most digital cameras accept alkaline batteries – but you get used to a lot of pictures with them. For this reason, we recommend that you use the rechargeable NiMH batteries, which are usually much longer and can be used again and again.

Monopod or tripod – Grande to reduce the camera, which leads to confusion. Recommended for telephoto shots, especially in low light conditions.

Photo Editing Software – Almost all digital cameras are equipped with the software. However, if you try to go one level further, you can try some professional software like Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro Photo software allows you to optimize the contrast, the improvement of color, collage to create or add special effects to your digital images. If you are interested in the creation of landscapes, there are other software that you can use for your small pictures into a single seamless large panorama.

Media – Inkjet printers are used. However, specialist photographers tend to use the photo printers. If you want for a period of six or seven color printer, and not the standard four-color printing, since it is much better reproduction of images. Epson, HP, Canon and photo printers are the most popular.

If you do not have a printer and can not afford, you can still digital images in photo labs or through traditional on-line, such as laboratories, Kodak Gallery, Shutterfly and Ezprints.

If you’re ready to start shooting, the players choose with care and precision (do not try to obvious issues), and take as many pictures as possible and from different angles. In the meantime, you should deal with most of the functions of digital camera, after reading the manual, at least 3 times. We hope that the information provided here, I will always close at hand you started with digital photography.